The new victim gives a sharp scream, then the older lady starts giggling.

The new victim gives a sharp scream, then the older lady starts giggling.

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At the "Tough Guy Race" In Perton, England, thousands of runners suffer unimaginable agony every year on a twelve-kilometer course. The racetrack is peppered with numerous obstacles, such as burning straw bales, electric fences and icy pools. Now, for the second time in a row, a German won the trip to hell. Images of the "Tough Guy Race 2012" see our photo show.

After an hour, eleven minutes and fifty seconds, Knut Höhler had the Brooks Running Team Made it: The 28-year-old from Dortmund was the first to cross the finish line at "Tough Guy Race" in England with a lead of almost four minutes. Last year, the medical student won the toughest running race in the world. For the approximately 6000 participants of this year "Tough Guy Races" over 20 obstacles were set up.

Received four electric shocks

In addition to jumping into dirty ice water, mud pits had to be tackled with barbed wires and runs over blazing hay fields. The runners are not even immune to electric shocks – Höhler got four of them this time, but that belongs to them "Tough Guy Race" to. Despite a badly bleeding laceration on his head, the Dortmund man did not give up.

Initiator of the "Tough Guy Race" is the Briton Billy Wilson, a former grenadier from the Royal Guard Division, who organized the trip to hell for the first time in 1986. Since then, 20 percent of the proceeds have been donated to a good cause. Participation costs around 120 euros.

Death in 2000

An incident in 2000 shows that the competition is not without its dangers. At that time, a 44-year-old runner suffered a heart attack and died a little later in hospital. Although this was the only death so far, fractures and ligament tears must always be expected. If that doesn’t deter you from participating and if you would like to measure yourself against Knut Höhler’s time, you should register early. The "Tough Guy Race" is usually fully booked months in advance. The best pictures of the "Tough Guy Race 2012" can be found in our photo show.

In the desert state of Dubai, the world’s best polo players regularly compete for the Royal Salute Nations Cup – and all of this in the heavenly atmosphere of the five-star resort of the Desert Palm boutique hotel. This year a German won, together with the uncrowned king of polo players, Adolfo Cambiaso. Take a look at the highlights of the polo event and the breathtaking five-star hotel in our photo show.

The Persian rulers over 600 years ago were already enthusiastic when the polo players on horseback hit the ball with their clubs across the field. The royal sport also has a tradition in Dubai. For the fourth time in a row, the Royal Salute UAE Nations Cup took place in Dubai’s oldest polo club in the desert state. The club with over 300 horses, spacious stables, a riding school and four polo fields is located on the premises of the luxury hotel Desert Palm.

Special surprise

Teams from the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Hungary, Brunei and Pakistan competed at the international polo tournament. The German Carl-Eugen Prinz zu Oettingen-Wallerstein, who played for the United Arab Emirates team, provided a special surprise.

The German’s team won the final against Team Hungary 6: 5. Zu Oettingen-Wallerstein played alongside the Argentine elite player Adolfo Cambiaso, who also launched the tournament in 2009 and is considered the best of his sport worldwide.

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"It was really a unique experience to be on the polo field with the world’s best players," tells about Oettingen-Wallerstein enthusiastically. In addition to Cambiaso and Najieb Khoury, the owner of the five-star resort Ali Albwardy was on the pitch in the team of the nobleman from Bavaria.

Regular polo matches

The hotel owner, whose personal passion is polo, wants the game of polo to be an immediate experience for hotel guests. Regular polo matches are held for holidaymakers. The Desert Palm is intended to create a conscious antithesis to the superlatives of the Arab Emirates of Dubai.

Oettingen-Wallerstein also feels at home in the resort: "The hotel is almost like a second home and impresses with its relaxed atmosphere, fantastic food, friendly staff and great horses."

Culinary highlights

The hotel not only offers polo fans every imaginable comfort: The design hotel, which is around 15 minutes from the pulsating glittering metropolis, has 28 suites, private pool villas and the LIME Spa. Guests can experience culinary highlights in the multiple award-winning restaurants Rare and Epicure. An overnight stay in a pool residence costs from 299 euros. All the highlights of the polo tournament as well as great pictures of the Desert Palm can be found in our photo show. Suitable fashion for royal sport is made by Polo Ralph Lauren, among others. Read everything about the brand history of the cult label Ralph Lauren.

Ever heard of a fish massage? This unusual type of relaxation can be experienced in Singapore. Sentosa Island offers tourists not only a large amusement park, but also this very special form of wellness. See also our photo show.

Fish massage on Sentosa
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"Take off your shoes and wash your feet" an employee instructs me. Then she leads me to two square pools of water surrounded by wooden benches. "The fish in the first tank are larger and less aggressive, the smaller ones in the second tank are more aggressive" she explains. "Think carefully about where you are going. You can’t switch. This confuses the fish too much." beautiful russian men

Animal masseurs

Well, if it does, then right. I sit on the wooden bench in the second pool and carefully dip my legs into the water up to my calves. Hundreds of tiny fish fall on my feet in a flash. It tickles, tears and tingles. They meticulously nibble on the cornea and pluck the dead skin.

After a few minutes I got used to the tugging and watch the animal masseurs huddle around my big toes. After five minutes the first lose interest and when an American woman hangs her legs in the water on the other side of the pool, everyone rushes on the fresh meat as if on command. The new victim gives a sharp scream, then the older lady starts giggling. "Oh my god, that tickles terribly" she stutters. After a few minutes the first fish come back to me and continue to nibble on my toes, some even venture out to the ankle.

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Fish replace pedicures

After twenty minutes your feet are velvety soft. The cuticles are neatly peeled off everywhere, the calluses on the big toes smoothed – better and gentler than after a pedicure.

The animal masseurs were first discovered in the Middle East, where they live in hot springs, lakes or river basins. In Turkey they are called doctor fish and are also used for skin problems such as psoriasis.

Caresses after the nibble ordeal After so much thrill, the body should also get a few caresses. After all, the multiple award-winning Botanica Spa is just around the corner. Singapore’s first garden spa is a 6000 square meter wellness paradise where you can swim under artificial waterfalls, take a mud bath or find yourself walking through a stone labyrinth. There is also an extensive and exotic range of body treatments and massages. To cleanse you can have watercress milk applied to the body, detoxify with Tibetan oil and healing earth wrap, polish with a paste made from green tea and then relax in the coconut milk bath. But also that "Signature Treatment" – a mixture of gentle aroma and strong sports massage and acupressure – has it all. After an hour, all tension is released, the muscles relaxed and I feel comfortably relaxed. The whole variety of Chinese medicine

Wellness makes you hungry. No problem in the Asian gourmet capital. There are all the kitchens in the world here. From Franconian pork sausages to Australian steaks and Japanese sushi to Chinese fish head curry. And in the Metropole Herbal Restaurant in the middle of the Clark Quay entertainment district, you can even eat as directed by the doctor. As soon as you step into the Chinese restaurant you come across a pharmacy counter made of dark wood, with Dr Li Lian Xing standing behind it. The doctor specializing in traditional Chinese medicine weighs a few dried roots that he has taken from the innumerable drawers of his cupboard on a kitchen scale. The whole variety of Chinese medicine is stored there: from all kinds of mushrooms and pieces of bark to dried seahorses to deer penis. If you want to know which dishes are particularly good for you, follow the doctor into a small room at the far end of the restaurant. There Dr. Li takes the pulse, looks in the eyes and checks the skin. Then he knows how things are going with yin and yang and prescribes the right dish.

Hunting is in men’s blood. Unfortunately, the days when hunters used bows and arrows to catch prey are over. Today everything is a little less bloody: the modern hunters are called geocachers. Their prey are so-called caches, small treasures that are hidden in nature. Armed with a GPS device, the modern scavenger hunt can begin.

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It is a wonderful spring day in the Westerwald: the sun is shining, the dandelions bloom picturesquely along the way, and the Wiesensee shimmers blue between the trees. But the hunters only have eyes for the GPS device with which they are traveling. Then, finally, after almost two hours of hiking, the device shows the coordinates N: _50 ° 34.929, E: _008 ° 00.608 – and the geocachers are rewarded with the first find.

Log book most important

Under a pile of stones by the side of the road, they euphorically dig out a small Tupperware box. The content: a colorful key ring, some ballpoint pens. Much more important than the treasure itself, however, is the little log book that lies next to it. Its pages are still completely blank. "AGV" Geocacher Hendrik Kardinal exclaims enthusiastically, takes a small stamp out of his pocket and presses it on the first page: "Your Eminence has blessed this cache" is there now.

Your Eminence, that is Hendrik Cardinal’s code name in the geocaching world, and FTF stands for in the language of geocachers "first to find". That means they are the first to see this "Cache" (English for hidden camp) have discovered.

AGV, cache – the world of geocachers seems quite complicated at first glance. The hiking trend is actually just a modern variant of the scavenger hunt: a geocacher hides a can with a small object somewhere and puts the geographic data for the hiding place on the Internet.

Dave Ulmer is considered an inventor

Treasure hunters like Hendrik Kardinal load these clues onto their GPS device and the search begins.

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